About Current

Championing the technology transforming our world

Current is an online magazine from the team at Distrelec, a Europe-wide distributor of electronics.

We launched Current to talk about the issues we and our audience are most interested in: robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation and the advancing digitalisation of our world.

We hope to inspire a new generation of engineers by shining a spotlight on the most innovative, frontier-pushing things humans are doing all over the planet.

We’ll surface exciting innovation and profile the technological advances that are transforming our world. We’ll talk to the teams behind these projects and ask what advice they’d give to aspiring engineers.  

To many the world of electronics and engineering doesn’t always seem accessible or inspirational. Yet we believe enabling digitalisation plays a crucial, if often unsung, role in driving forward human progress.

We aspire to add a coherent, intelligent voice to the debate on these issues – and we hope our readers will join us by leaving their comments in the same spirit.

Current editorial team

Current is funded by Distrelec and empowered to be run as an editorially independent publication. A small editorial team takes all decisions on what stories to cover and is responsible for all its own research, editing and fact-checking. 

Content is not reviewed by anyone in the wider commercial team, but the editorial team may seek expert opinions or clarifications where team members have a specialist background in, for instance, robotic engineering. Nor do we give preference in our coverage to suppliers or customers of Distrelec.   

We do offer sponsorship opportunities to our suppliers and customers. Wherever content is sponsored in some way we label it as such. We believe in full transparency and are passionate about maintaining the editorial integrity of Current.

Thank you

We hope you enjoy Current and we’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions – for instance, about the topics you’d like us to cover. 

We’re working towards launching our own newsletter too so watch this space!

Thanks for reading.