Transmitter & Converters


Measuring transducers are distinctive from other types of signal converters due to their proven ability to carry out transformations with a high degree of monitoring accuracy. By measuring the conversion of a given signal, it is possible to use these devices in a wide range of applications. Measuring transducers may take the form of a mercury thermometer, at a simple level, or a milli-voltmeter in the case of a highly engineered piece of equipment. Signal converters change any signal that passes through them, but without the monitoring facility of a measuring transducers. Universal, or standard, signal converters are available from a number of leading manufacturers such as Phoenix Contact and Jumo. Frequency signal converters also make up an important part of this electrical component sector. These particular devices change alternating current of one frequency to another. Temperature measuring transducers are related components, with some supplied with integrated displays, while others need to be connected to other devices via cables to be read. They are commonly rated by their operational voltage and available with a number of accessories, such as DIN rail adapters and bus connectors.