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The battery has come a long way and is now an important part of everyday life. Although standard, non-rechargeable batteries are still widely used, rechargeable batteries are increasingly taking their place for many applications. Batteries are available in a very wide range of shapes, sizes and performance specifications, allowing the buyer to choose the very best available for any given situation. Battery chargers offer many advanced features, overcoming many of the earlier problems such as those relating to overcharging and gassing. Although some remain specific to a particular battery size and type, others are able to service a wider range. The continued popularity of renewable energy technology has resulted in a demand not only for storage batteries but also for specialist components and equipment such as solar cells, inverters and charge controllers. It is even possible to buy complete portable solar systems to provide power on the go. Although in many cases DC power from a battery may be used directly as a power source, in others it may need to be converted into a different format, using equipment such as a DC/AC inverter. The construction of a renewable energy supply is no longer a hugely expensive project and systems can easily be designed to suit all situations.