Increased precision and safety through calibration

For areas of the production process where quality is important, calibrated measuring equipment is essential. This is also true when it comes to product development and maintenance, for example when adjusting a repaired circuit. On the one hand, minor measurement errors and tolerances can gradually accumulate and become a significant problem. On the other hand, it is clearly insufficient merely to look at the data sheet for the measuring device — only calibration can provide certainty regarding the measuring accuracy of an instrument.

Calibration: Optional or Compulsory?

There is not always an obligation to perform calibration for quality or safety reasons. Nevertheless, all businesses benefit from avoiding waste and claims for recourse that may arise out of a lack of precision in the measuring technology they use.

Calibration: Simple, Quick, Convenient

At Distrelec, you will find a large number of measuring devices that come with the option of ISO calibration. Our partner INTERTEC performs calibration after the order is received, and provides an ISO calibration certificate that contains all the relevant information regarding the methods used, measurement accuracy etc.

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For a limited time only, receive these popular FLUKE digital multimeters with calibration at NO additional cost, for the price of the uncalibrated product.

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During ISO calibration, the difference is determined between the measuring device being examined and the reference standard. This difference produces the measurement uncertainty, which is documented in the ISO certificate.