RECOM DC/DC Converters

When RECOM first started to develop DC/DC converters over 25 years ago, they could never have imagined the wide-spread use in today’s electronics.

RECOM is one of the pioneers in DC/DC technology and they cover the power range from 0.25 to 240 Watts – and the products are highly specified and thoroughly reliable.

RECOM offers a suitable DC/DC converter for every application - whether you need regulated or unregulated, non-isolated or 10kVDC isolation or for an operating temperature down to -40°C or up to +100°C.

Power Saving Technology

The great thing about RECOM’s DC/DC convertors is that they can save a lot of energy and therefore save you money in the long run.

The R-78 Series

The R-78 Series consists of high efficiency, high input voltage switching regulators, ideally suited to replace 78xx linear regulators and are pin compatible. They have an efficiency of up to 97% which means that very little energy is wasted as heat, so there is no need for any heat sinks.

Typical applications include telecommunication, automotive, industrial, aerospace and battery powered applications.

Some of the regulators (in the R-78AA Series) have additional features of remote on/off control and adjustable output voltages. Perfect for many applications in the battery-powered, industrial, medical and automotive markets.

Every DC/DC converter in the R-78 Series comes with short circuit protection, so you know that your electronic systems are safe at all times.