Changes to F-Gas Regulations

Important Information You Need to Know

On 1st January 2018 the regulations on fluorinated greenhouse gases – F-Gases – changed. Here’s a quick guide on what you need to know.

From 1st January 2018 all commonly used, non-flammable dusters and freezer sprays will no longer be manufactured and alternatives MUST be considered.

F-Gas – What’s that?

Fluorinated greenhouse gases, also known as F-gases, are man-made gases used in a range of industrial applications, including technical aerosol products, refrigerant used for air-conditioning and cooling systems, and propellant for freezer sprays and other aerosol products.

So what’s new?

From 1st January 2018 manufacturers are no longer allowed to produce products that contain F-gases with a GWP that exceeds 150.

One of the most frequently used F-gases, HFC-R134a, with a GWP value of 1,430, will no longer be available. As this gas is in most non-flammable dusters and freezers, an alternative will have to be sought.

Any aerosols already on the market prior to 31 December 2017 will still be allowed to be sold, but will not be re-stocked.

Why change the regulations around F-gases?

The aim is to become more climate and environmentally friendly as F-gases are powerful greenhouse gases, with a global warming effect up to 1,430 times greater than carbon dioxide. The EU has decided that action needs to be taken against these harmful gases as part of its policy to tackle climate change.

What are the options instead of F-gases?

There are alternatives available but there isn’t a one size fits all solution. You will need to look at your needs and applications to find the best option.

Unfortunately the more cost-efficient products that were available will not be restocked once the supplies run out, but we do have a great range of non-F-Gas aerosols that may suit your industry and business needs.