Payment and Invoicing

Payment by invoice (only for Business Customers):

Terms of payment: 14 days

Payment by PayPal

We also accept PayPal payments.

Payment by credit card:

Mastercard / Visa

3-D Secure Authentication process

What is 3D Secure?

We use the 3D Secure authentication process to ensure that your credit card transactions are as secure as possible. The "3D" symbolises the three parties involved in this process: the cardholder, the card-issuing bank and the retailer. Visa calls this process Verified by Visa, while MasterCard uses the name MasterCard SecureCode. 3D Secure ensures that the lawful card holder and the lawful online retailer can conduct a transaction. Using this process means that risk of fraud is effectively reduced in the e-commerce sector.

How does 3D Secure work?

When paying for a purchase by credit card, a window for your bank is opened in which you must enter your personal security code. This code will have been sent to you by your bank and is therefore known only to you and your credit card company. The code must not be recorded or appear on the card itself and must not be confused with the three or four-digit CVC code on the back of the credit card (this code is also often requested). Once you have been successfully identified, the payment is carried out.

I have not activated my personal security code.

If your bank supports 3D Secure but you have yet to activate a personal password, it is possible to create this password during the check-out process itself.

Managing orders and returns

Via the "MyAccount" area of the Distrelec webshop you can easily and conveniently view the status of past orders and arrange any requests to return an item:

  1. Log into the shop with your user data.
  2. Click on the "MyAccount" button to the right of the search box.
  3. In the navigation bar at the left side, first select "My orders", and then "Order history" below.
  4. Now you will see a list of all the earlier orders. (If you are administrator of the company account in the Distrelec webshop, you will see the orders of all the employees of your company here.) You can filter, sort and print out this list according to your criteria.
  5. Using the arrow next to each order, you come to the details page for that order.
  6. The details page gives you information about the order date, order status, billing address and delivery address, type of payment and delivery, and products ordered. You can also redo these again right here, or add a shopping list.
  7. As soon as your order shows the status "received", you can prepare the request to return certain items. To do this, click on "Return item" below the ordered quantity.
  8. In the "lightbox" that opens, enter the number of products you want to send back, together with a reason for returning them, packaging condition, your comments, and where applicable the serial numbers of the returned products. Additionally, you also have the chance to specify whether to have the returned product replaced by a new one. Finally click on "Send request".
  9. You will receive an email confirming your request to authorise a return.
  10. An employee of Distrelec will contact you.




Payment Remittance Advice