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Established for over four decades, Roth Elektronik is now a well-known brand in the European electronics industry. Mostly associated with its printed circuit board technologies, Roth Elektronic makes PCBs that are designed for laboratory-standard and industrial uses. Their products are manufactured in line with the latest environmental requirements and are compliant with RoHS regulations. Along with their so-called Eurocards, the business makes a number of SMD adapters and 19" extenders. Its prototyping boards are produced in two main categories: dual in-line prototyping boards and SMD prototyping boards. It also produces a wide number of multi-adapters, such as those that are designed for QFP modules and those for PLCC boards. Roth Elektronik also makes a range of 'Adaptacks' products, which come in a number of self adhesive strips, depending on the particular product. Its 19” extender cards are designed for use with micro-switches, short-circuit bridges and DIN connections. A number of material types are used for its PCBs, including epoxy resin, epoxides and phenol hard paper. Many of its boards are standard in thickness at 1.5mm, but thinner and thicker varieties can be supplied, if required. With a base of operations located in Hamburg, Germany, the company manufactures to a high standard, and as such, its production processes are ISO certificated.


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