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KS terminals or KST is a leading manufacturer of bootlace ferrules, and cable lugs or crimp terminals. Bootlace ferrules, commonly used in industrial wiring applications, ensure the proper termination of wires. Crimp terminals are a solderless electrical connection. Inserting the stripped end of a wire to the terminal facilitates terminating stranded wire safely. Compressing the terminal using a connector renders it gas-tight. Failure to crimp properly leaves the risk of air pockets between the wire and the connector, eventually leading to corrosion. Corrosion causes heat, which may eventually cause the wire to break. Cable lugs are available in various types such as blade receptacle, blade terminals, tab connectors, butt splice connectors and more. KST’s bootlace ferrules and crimp terminals are made in different colours for easy identification, and in different cross sections and lengths, to suit various applications. Tinplate copper is the most common material used for bootlace ferrules. The crimps are available in high-quality materials such as tinplate brass, with or without nylon insulation, tinplate copper, with or without PVC insulation, and other materials, making them perfectly suited even for rugged and hostile environments. All KST products have a high quality of workmanship, undergo various levels of quality and safety tests, and comply with the relevant industry standards.


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