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A Belgium-based business, Velleman is an electronics developer with a huge portfolio of products. It has been trading for more than four decades and has around 18,000 different products and components available at any one time. With worldwide sales, Velleman is a dynamic company that designs and introduces new products to the electronics market. Its products are made for hobbyists and for professional and technical uses. Velleman's component ranges include prototyping PCB boards, equipment wires and resistors, among many others. As well as these components, examples of Velleman's finished products include a range of oscilloscopes, hand tools and two-way radio devices. In the field of test and measurement, the Velleman brand appears on products such as data loggers, meters and optical signal generators. The company also produces a number of finished audio-related products, such as microphones, miniature speakers, PA loudspeaker cabinets and megaphones. Founded in the mid 1970s, Velleman employs in the region of 165 people, mostly at its headquarters in Gavere. The business has a well-deserved reputation for its DIY electronic kits, which are popular as educational tools and with hobbyists. This range includes temperature sensor boards, dimming modules and audio circuit boards, to name but three. The company also produces a number of security products, including CCTV equipment.


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