Multimeters, Benchtop

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Electrical measuring devices, benchtop multimeters are capable of detecting and determining the strength of a number of different properties, such as voltage, current and resistance. Made by some leading test equipment manufacturers - such as Fluke, Keithley and Keysight, for example – they are designed for desktop use or to be placed on a workbench where their displays can be easily read. Unlike handheld analogue multimeter products, the benchtop variety are often supplied with rubber feet or a carry handle that can be used to set them at a convenient angle, when in use. Most offer a digital display and they can offer anything between 20 and 600kHz for a typical bandwidth. They are frequently used in product quality situations to ensure an electrical appliance, circuit board, sub-assembly or wiring system is functioning properly before it is sent to market. In addition, they are used to find the cause of electrical problems with all sorts of industrial and household appliances, such as consumer electronics, motor controls, PSUs and automation systems. Many multimeters include more than one fuse, which is designed to prevent damage to the system in the event of a current overload. Benchtop multimeters have a number of input ports designed to allow them to work with a variety of test leads, accessories and probes.