Multimeters Handheld, Analogue

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Like digital multimeters, analogue units are electronic measuring devices that provide a number of differing measurement functions in a single unit. An analogue multimeter will typically be able to measure the voltage output of a circuit, as well as its current and resistance. Unlike digital devices, analogue multimeters make use of an ammeter to display their readings. This is commonly achieved by a moving pointer that is on the front of the device, within a display that allows readings to be made whichever mode the product is in. Made by the likes of ICE Italy, PeakTech and Chauvin Arnoux among others, analogue handheld multimeters are designed for field use by electronic engineers and are often rated for 1,000 volts or more. Handheld multimeters are frequently used for basic fault finding with circuit boards and can be put to field service functions just as easily. Many electric measuring systems are carefully calibrated so that they are able to afford a very high degree of accuracy with their measurements. Like digital devices, which often have LCD displays, analogue multimeters can also be used to troubleshoot electrical faults in motor controls, electrical appliances and industrial wiring systems. Some multimeter devices offer measurements of capacitance, temperature, frequency, conductance and sound level, as well as the basic electrical readings.