Order Approval Manager

Our new Order Approval Manager tool will help you increase the efficiency by managing your department and team online.

It enables you, as the approver, to add sub-users to your account and define budget limits per order and year.

Manage your department or team online

Registering yourself as a user will allow you to manage your department or team online. It enables you to have a better overview of the spendings and goods purchased.

Add sub-users to your account

You can register new employee (sub-user) by going to Order Manager and selecting 'User Management'. While the user is being created, the budget limit can be also optionally assigned to the particular sub-user. If user already exists and has to be listed as sub-user, please contact customer support. Otherwise sub-user will be visible as 'User confirmation pending' in the 'User Management' area. The employee will receive an email to activate the profile.

Define budget limits per order and year

In order to stay in control of the spendings, you can assign a budget limit to a certain employee. Limit per order and year. Whenever order receives the budget allowed, it will be sent for approval electronically and manager can review and confirm or reject it.

Your benefits

  • Completely paperless order approval
  • Increase of efficiency
  • Less bureaucracy

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