Pins, Hooks and Clips

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Having the correct test equipment is just part of the job, and although many people using devices such as multimeters, LCR meters or insulation testers may simply make use of simple probes for making very quick tests, any more advanced or lengthy procedures will invariably require rather more secure connections to be made. It seems that few electrical devices are designed with this possibility in mind and connections often have to be made to all manner of different things. Fortunately, there are many different solutions to this problem, ranging from simple battery clips and crocodile clips to advanced grippers, capable of locating on the threaded end of a bolt or even clamping securely onto a bolt-head. There are many forms of safety grippers and clamps to fit terminals and pins of all shapes and sizes, and various adapters for different sockets. Insulation is of course a top priority and probes and other devices are suitably coloured to avoid any potentially disastrous mistakes. Separate insulation caps and sleeves are also available to adequately protect various spring clips and other fittings. It is even possible to use a magnetic connector on a screw-head or a six-sided gripper to locate inside the aperture of an internal hex-head bolt.