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Bit quality and tips

It is quite well known that bits vary in quality. Cheap bits are suitable for a few uses but higher quality bits are more suitable for repeated, professional use. The choice of material and the manufacturing process have a major impact on both quality and price. There are also various manufacturing techniques for the design and finish that have a major impact on the bit’s durability. For example, there are many so-called torsion bits that have a flexible torsion zone to absorb torque loads and reduce the risk that the bit will break off. A specific example of this when machine screwing in metal where the torque will be relatively sudden when the screw is fully screwed in, because metal does not yield in the same way as, for example, wood. The bit’s coating provides a better grip and prevents the bit from slipping in the screw groove. This extends the life of the bit, while at the same time protecting the screw head.

Examples of special bits:


Bits are made in various shapes and styles, to suit different screws. Among the most popular types, Phillips screw bits suit the standard, cross-shaped design of Phillips screws. Pozidrive screw bits find use to fasten or unfasten Pozidrive screws that feature wide parallel flanks. Frearson bits work on Frearson screws that are similar to Phillips screws in design, but the bit fits all screw sizes. There are also several other bits to suit standard types, such as square, hex and other designs. The best bits are made of toughened, high-grade steel. Bit holders are available in various types, such as angled bit holders for higher torque applications, ratchet bit holders, or tool shanks. Ratchet bit holders have a ratchet handle facilitating application in closed or hard to access areas, and may feature a reversing button. Bit holders may accommodate a bit magazine, hosting multiple bits. The best bit holders offer an ergonomically designed handle for ease of use and comfort. The main bit assortments are bit sets and bit holders. Bit sets offer a collection of bits and a handle, all enclosed in a case. The best bit cases feature a sleek and attractive design and are made of toughened, impact-resistant plastic or other durable material.