Even the best drill is only as good as the bit it is fitted with and a wide range of different bits are available suitable for Power Drills, Cordless Drills and even Miniature Rotary Tools. Sets of drill bits in a range of sizes are popular but for specific drilling requirements, bits of a single size often prove more useful and can be ordered in any quantity. Specialist bits such as stepped cutters or milling cutters are available as are SDS bits. For larger holes, a hole cutter is often the best option with some featuring diamond cutting surfaces and these are available in a wide range of sizes including some for use with SDS drills. Tap and Die Sets allow for threading to be carried out. Wood drill bits of various different types allow for drilling of both timber and some manmade boards. Some holes of course, such as very large or irregularly shaped holes are often best formed by using a Jigsaw or even a woodworking router but the drill bit remains the number one hole-maker. Although drill bits are normally regarded as throwaway consumable items, some economies can be made by investing in a Drill Sharpener which can greatly extend the life of a drill bit.