Jigsaws and circular saws are used for cutting pieces of wood, and even plastic and sheet metal. They are both versatile and powerful pieces of equipment. Jigsaws are particularly well-suited to cutting intricate and curved shapes, while circular saws are better for cutting long, straight cuts, where accuracy is crucial. It is important to select the correct blade for the job in hand, as although blades may all be made of a type of hardened metal, they will vary considerably according to the teeth size, angle and design. Following the instructions in the user manual is highly recommended! Distrelec supplies high-quality corded and cordless jigsaws and circular saws from top manufacturers, such as Dremel, Bosch and Dress. Distrelec also stocks a huge range of accessories to complement the tools and maximise their versatility, including individual saws, diamond cutting blades, slot cutters, circular saw blades and multipurpose cutting blades. Sawing can be a messy business, so Distrelec also provides a choice of powerful vacuum cleaners to keep workshops free from dust and shavings. Choose from convenient handheld models from Muntz Technics to the semi-industrial quality wet and dry vacuum cleaners by Kress and Bosch, and of course, the correct bags and accessories are also available.